We at KRMA Radio felt that terrestrial radio sucked. So, we started our own “extra-terrestrial” radio station. KRMA knows no limits and we are here to provide you the best radio your ears can handle.

Love listening to my husband on KRMA Internet Radio!!!!

Nothing but non-stop good music! I can’t turn it off!!!

This station rocks!

I love listening to KRMA while I’m at work. It makes my day so much better!

What’s happening at KRMA

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In the works! The best is yet to come.

Hello everyone, I wanted to share a bit of news regarding plans in store for KRMA Radio. We are very soon to launch and have an outstanding group of people contributing to KRMA. I’m excited to see what our numbers do once we’re official. In order to make...

KRMA Radio – Going LIVE!

Hello everyone! I am pleased to announce that with our website redesign and updated streaming server, KRMA Radio will be going live very soon! This will mean a richer listening experience for you and additional resources for our on air staff. We will be throwing the...

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